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Each year the current SEAOCC contingent of the SEAOC College of Fellows gather together to carefully consider who might be the next member named to their prestigious group. The definition of what it means to be named a Fellow as well as the recommended criteria for selection can be found in the SEAOCC Bylaws (pdf). Once the candidate has been selected by the current group of SEAOCC Fellows, a vote is taken by the SEAOCC Board of Directors to officially nominate the next Fellow. The award is typically given during the SEAOC Convention during the SEAOC Business Luncheon. It is a high honor to be named to the College of Fellows, and though it is not mandatory that SEAOCC name a member each and every year, SEAOCC has produced a new Fellow in most recent years. A list of SEAOCC inductees to the College of Fellows is provided below. Many SEAOCC Fellows have been written about in a SEAOCC newsletter’s “Getting to Know You” article, and you can find those articles and other information about each inductee by following links in the list below.

2016-2017 - William Staehlin
2015-2016 - John Weninger
2014-2015 - Ed Nicholson
2011-2012 - No Nominees from SEAOCC
2010-2011 - Doug Krug
Dimensions Newsletter: "Getting to Know Doug Krug" (pdf)
2009-2010 - Tom Hale
Dimensions Newsletter: "Getting to Know You: Tom Hale, S.E." (pdf)
2008-2009 - No Nominees from SEAOCC
2007-2008 - No Nominees from SEAOCC
2006-2007 - Klyne Beaumont
Dimensions Newsletter: "The Big Four" (pdf) - Getting to Know Klyne Beaumont et al.
2006-2007 - Chris Tokas
2005-2006 - No Nominees from SEAOCC
2004-2005 - Steve Pelham
2003-2004 - James "Jim" Roberts
2002-2003 - Norman Scheel
2001-2002 - Walter Buehler, Jr.

2000-2001 - Kenneth Luttrell
1999-2000 - Arthur Ross
1998-1999 - Henry Reyes
1997-1998 - Patrick Campbell
1996-1997 - John "Jack" Meehan

Dimensions Newsletter: "A Tribute to John 'Jack' Meehan" (pdf)

1995-1996 - Eugene Cole
1994-1995 - Jimmie Yee
1994-1995 - Ajit Virdee

1994-1995 - Jack Barrish
Dimensions Newsletter: "The Big Four" (pdf) - Getting to Know Jack Barrish et al.